Scientific Work

EEE 2014

The report from the third International Conference, „Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship“, 15-17 October 2014,
Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship (BEE), Belgrade
International conference under the title „Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship“, was held 15-17 October 2014. in Sumadija hotel. With many participants and invitees attending, the conference was opened by acad. prof. dr Mirjana Radović-Marković, and then the owner of Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship (BEE) dr Dušan Cogoljević and the director prof. dr Goran Kvrgić addressed them. After them, dr Dejan Radulović, deputy minister in Ministry of regional development and social self-government of the Republic of Serbia and the representatives of partner universities from our country and abroad spoke to the present invitees. In the plenary part of the conference, most eminent professors and authors of monographs’ forewords participated as well as the professors from the USA, Turkey and Japan.
This year’s conference covered the largest number of fields so far, which is seen in the fact that we had over 100 accepted papers divided into 5 separate thematic monographs which deal with:
  1. Entrepreneurship: Factors Affecting Small - Scale Business Performance And Development;
  2. Economic growth and sustainable development challenges - Serbia and western Balkans countries;
  3. Linkages between education and employment;
  4. Management, Marketing And Communication: Current And Future Trends;
  5. Finance, insurance and investment;
The contribution to these areas can be seen not only in these publications, but also in the plenary presentations, thematic sessions, round table and discussions initiated by the topics of the conference. Esteemed national and international scientific workers contributed greatly to the conference whose number of participants is increasing every year. Thus, besides the participants from more than ten countries from Europe, America, Asia and Africa, papers were sent by the scientific workers from the region. Besides the traditional co-organizers and friends of the conference, this year we increased the number of co-publishers by three new ones – University in Sofia – Bulgaria, International College of Interdisciplinary Sciences from the USA and PIM University from Banja Luka, Serbian Republic. This is so because of the high quality of the conference and our need to introduce some new contents every year.
Many different events were part of the conference, which completed it – from the press conference held in Belgrade’s Media Centre, where the president of the scientific board prof. dr Mirjana Radovic-Markovic and prof. dr Radmila Grozdanic addressed the press to the traditional welcome cocktail and promotion of the international journal International Review, which is in the process of indexation on the Thomson list. The journal was presented by its editor-in-chief acad. prof. Dr Mirjana Radović-Marković and she mentioned a new thematic framework for 2015.
Central place was surely given to the signing of contract on international cooperation with Ondokuz Mayis University from Turkey, which was represented by prof. dr Hiroko Kedim Kawamoto. Rector of PIM University from Banja Luka, Serbian Republic, prof. Dr Snežana Pantelić-Vujanić participated in this act.
Besides everything that was on the agenda, with the goal of recognising and rewarding the scientific excellence, the organizer of the conference, Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, traditionally chose the best scientific paper and rewarded its authors. This year, laureates were Siniša Miletić and Marijana Žiravac Mladenović with the paper titled ʺImpact of Global Financial Crisis on Exchange Rate Volatility: A Comparison between Developed and CEEC Countriesʺ. In this paper authors presented the application of GARCH methodology in modelling the conditional variance of returns of the observed exchange rates, as well as the influence of the global financial crisis on exchange rates of developed and countries of central and east Europe.
At the very end, as the president of the scientific board, it is my pleasure to conclude this report because of the fact that the mentioned event fulfilled the goals that were set and the expectations of everybody who participated in it.