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EEE 2012

Conference „Employment, education and entrepreneurship“

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First international conference under the name of „Employment, education and  entrepreneurship“, was held in Belgrade, in Best Western Sumadija hotel, in the  period from 12th to 14th December 2012. The conference was organized by the  Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship from Belgrade in cooperation  with International Research Institute for Social Entrepreneurship & Economic  Development (IRISEED), Birmingham, Great Britain, College of Economics and  Management, Northwest A&F University, China Yangling, Shaanxi, Faculty of  Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran, Iran.

Organizers have put their efforts in order to bring large number of participants  who held their presentations during the plenary and themed sessions. Thus, the  conference gathered over 250 experts from the field of economy, management,  entrepreneurship, marketing, informational technologies and law who used their  presentations to point out the most significant issues related to the areas of  employment, education and entrepreneurship. Besides the papers from the Serbian  participants, papers from participants from Iran, Bulgaria, Turkey, Zimbabwe,  Nigeria, Romania, the USA, Peru, Hungary, Austria, Serbian Republic, Bosnia and  Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia and Montenegro were received. The conference  was attended by three academicians: Dr. Mirjana Radović-Marković, Dr. Radmila  Grozdanić and Dr. Slavko Karavidić. Besides the representatives of large number  of universities and schools, the conference was attended by the representatives of  National Bank of Serbia and other business banks, Ministry of Defense of Republic  of Serbia, Institute of economic sciences and other institutions.

The main objective of the conference was to reach the conclusion about the  ways in which we can encourage employment, improve education and develop entrepreneurship in Serbia, by presentations connected to theory and practice  involved with these issues.

Theme areas of the conference were the following: The 3 ‘Es’ for fostering  jobs for youth and women: Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship; Enterprise  start up among the youth; Meeting the needs of diverse students to promote equity  and engagement; Skills development to empower female entrepreneurship;  Entrepreneurship education; Creating engaging 21st-century learning  environments; How can education enhance employability; Trends and practices in  learning and global education; How education stimulates the first steps into  entrepreneurship; New technologies in education; E-learning and methodologies  applied to education; Innovation in education: Mobile-Learning Technology; Measuring the success of learning; Creativity in learning and teaching; Virtual  faculties synergy with virtual firms: Online learning technology in an SME workbased setting; The finance and investment SMEs support by national and  international programs.
All the papers that were sent in for the conference have undergone  professional review, after which 74 papers were approved to be presented. All of  them will be published in thematic anthologies.
The conference was opened by the representatives of the Faculty of Business  Economics and Entrepreneurship: Dr. Mirjana Radović-Marković (president of the  Scientific Board), Dušan Cogoljević MS.c, owner and the founder, Dr. Goran  Kvrgić, director, as well as the representative of Ministry of labour and social  policy of Republic of Serbia, Ms Jelena Kotević. After the opening ceremony, the  working part of the conference was continued by very interesting presentations  held by: Dr. David Smallbone, from Kingston University (Great Britain), Dr. Žarko  Pavić, rector of the University of Business Engineering and Management from  Banja Luka, Dr. Almir Pestek, from the Faculty of Economy from Sarajevo, Dr.  Reza Mohammad Kazemi and Aidin Salamzadeh from the Faculty of  Entrepreneurship from Iran, Dr. Jose M.Sin Cabrero from the Faculty of  Entrepreneurship from Peru, and Dr. Plama Hristova from the University St.  Kliment Ohridski from Bulgaria.
Moreover, the conference was a great opportunity for the Faculty of Business  Economics and Entrepreneurship and The Faculty of Entrepreneurship from Iran to  sign an agreement about business and technical collaboration, which will  contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experience in working together in the  future.

During the thematic sessions which were dedicated to education, employment  and entrepreneurship, the participants had the chance to hear some useful  suggestions for solving the issues of unemployment, protection of the moral  integrity of employees, encouraging development of female entrepreneurship,  development of small and medium enterprises, solving the issue of corruption in  educational system, the significance of education for survival and development of  society, connection between education and regional development, including the  role of institutions, actually of the state in these processes.  Conference was closed by a discussion and the concluding thoughts that were  spoken by academician Dr. Slavko Karavidić and academician Dr. Radmila  Grozdanić. The prizes for the best work and acknowledgements for the great  contribution to the conference were given.

General impression is that the participants of the conference, after three days  of work, were very satisfied with the outcome of the conference, which provided  them with new knowledge and ideas, which will be applied in their further work.  On the other hand, the organizers of the conference were exquisite hosts and the  participants were left in expectation of the next well organized event like this one.

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