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EEE 2013

Conference „Employment, education and entrepreneurship“


The Conference overview - EEE 2013
The second international conference under the name of Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship, was held in Belgrade, from 16th to 18th October 2013 in the hotel Best Western Sumadija. This conference was organized by Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship from Belgrade in cooperation with International Research Institute for Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (IRISEED) Birmingham, Great Britain, Faculty of Economy and Management, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, Shaanxi – China, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University in Teheran, Iran and European Council for small business and Entrepreneurship,  (ECSB) in Turku, Finland.
The Conference was attended by a large number of participants who had their presentations within the plenary and thematic sessions. More than 250 experts from the areas of entrepreneurship, economy, management, marketing, information technologies, law took part in the conference and in their presentations, they pointed out to the most significant problems in the areas of employment, education and entrepreneurship.
Besides the papers of Serbian participants, papers for the conference were sent by the authors form Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Austria, Albania, Great Britain, Portugal, Mexico, China, Iran, Algeria, Togo, Serbian Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia and Montenegro. The conference was also attended by three academicians: Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radović-Marković, Prof. Dr. Radmila Grozdanić and Prof. Dr. Slavko Karavidić. Besides the representatives of a large number of Universities and schools, the conference was attended by the representatives of National Bank of Serbia and other business banks, Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, Institute of Economic Sciences and other institutions. 
Main goals of the Conference are:
For a Conference to be a good platform for the exchange of international experiences and good practice directed towards decrease of high unemployment rates and encouraging the employment through greater dynamics in the development of private entrepreneurship, on the national economies level and global as well.
To consider various possibilities and domains of developing enterprises (e. g.  Agribusiness, eco-tourism, green economy and other). 
To determine the direction in which the new strategies of entrepreneurship education should develop, in order to encourage creativity, development of individuality, creative and logical thought, which are important preconditions for encouraging the entrepreneurial initiative in practice.
To examine the possibilities of better synergy between the scientific and educational institutions and the business environment.
Thematic areas of the conference were education, employment and entrepreneurship considering that they represent the important trinity, with causality between them which can be seen in the fact that private entrepreneurship is the generator of creating new jobs and contributing to employment, and that through entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial competences are developed which turn business ideas into reality and make entrepreneurial activities more successful. This year we introduced a novelty in organizing the round table. The theme was Possibility of creating green jobs in Serbia.
All papers at the conference went through professional review, after which we accepted 100 papers. They are all published in four monographic publications: Education and employment as opportunities for entrepreneurs; Entrepreneurship: economic development and finance; Issues of gender IT and marketing in entrepreneurship, Rural entrepreneurship: possibilities and challenges.
The Conference was opened by the representatives of Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radović-Marković (chairwoman of the Scientific Board), Mr. Dušan Cogoljević MA, owner and founder, Prof. Dr. Goran Kvrgić, director, as well as the representative of the National Assembly Dr. Aleksandra Tomić. After the opening ceremony, the working part of the Conference was continued by very interesting presentations by Prof. Dr. Mirjana Radović-Marković (Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship from Belgrade), Prof. Dr. Snežana Ilijeva (University  St. Kliment Ohridski from Bulgaria), Prof. Dr. Radmila Grozdanić (Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship from Belgrade), Prof. Dr. Slavko Karavidić (Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship from Belgrade), Prof. Dr. Radovan Pejanović (Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad), Prof. Dr. Boufeldja Ghiat (Faculty of social sciences, University Oran from Algeria), Prof. Dr. José G. Vargas-Hernández (Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Guadalajara from Mexico).
At this year’s conference an agreement on business and technical cooperation between Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship and University St. Kliment Ohridski from Bulgaria was signed. This will contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the future cooperation.
Within the thematic sessions which were dedicated to education, employment, entrepreneurship and ecology the participants had the chance to hear, discuss and give useful suggestions connected to the encouragement of entrepreneurial development of small and medium enterprises, solving the issues of unemployment, significance of education and rural entrepreneurship for the survival and development of society. 
The conference was ended by a discussion and concluding remarks which were given by Prof. Dr. Slavko Karavidić. The prizes were given for the best work and contribution to the conference. 
In the end we can conclude that the conference met the expectations of the organizer and the participants. Many new questions were raised, which will surely be included in the program of the following conference, whose organization has already begun. 

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