Scientific Work


As the new editor‐in‐chief of INTERNATIONAL REVIEW, I am delighted by the challenge of creating a peer journal that seeks to encourage research and foster

interdisciplinary communication. The Journal is published twice a year in issues that contain peer articles and book reviews spanning all of the following subject areas such as unemployment, inflation, economic underdevelopment, globalisation and international economic integration, finance ,changing forms and boundaries of markets and planning, organization culture and behavior ,management, transformation of industrial organizations and economic systems, experimental studies in economics and uneven development and instability in the world economy. In addition , the Journal covers environmental and ecological issues, economic stabilization, labor relations, monetary management and other topics within the discipline of economics .

The INTERNATIONAL REVIEW is also open to interdisciplinary or other submissions which explore innovative approaches including critical contributions to economic theory, debates on economic policy and interpretations of recent economic changes.

The main text of a manu must be submitted as a Word document (.doc). It is strongly recommended that you use the author submission guidelines to help you to prepare your submission to the Journal. Authors should submit their manus online.

I look forward to sharing our first issue and to fostering the possibilities for research connections within Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship in Belgrade and without this Educational institution,that we hope to support with this new journal.

Prof.dr Mirjana Radović Marković,FRSA,FWAAS,FEMAAS

Editor in Chief