On the basis of article 34, item 6 of the Statute of the Faculty of  Business Economy and Entrepreneurship in Belgrade, in the session held on 1 June 2009 the School Council sets out



Quality ensuring strategy is strategic development document concerning

ensuring quality of the high education implemented by the Faculty of  Business Economy and Entrepreneurship. The strategy defines basic priorities of the high education in the field of quality ensuring, as well as the manner of their accomplishment. This is the School’s permanent commitment and will be periodically reconsidered and changed, i.e. amended. This document serves as basis for making action plans in the field of security and quality (short-term, middle-term and long-term).

2.       MISSION

The School’s mission is to make feasible highest academic standard and to ensure acquirement of knowledge and skills in keeping with the needs of the society and projected national development. In order to accomplish its mission, the school is committed to permanently aiming at quality promotion of high education and joining the unique European high education expanse.

3.      AIMS

The aim of shaping quality ensuring strategy is to achieve high-education goals set by the Law and vision of further development of the high education in Serbia. The school sets as its basic long-term goals following:

1. Improving quality of high education in Serbia,

2. Increasing efficiency of studies,

3. Improving quality of study programme, lectures and terms of study,

4. Improvement of scientific-research work of the teaching staff,

5. Increased contribution to the school’s academic life as well as contribution to local and national community.


Starting point for creating quality ensuring strategy is made up of following documents:

  1. Analysis of the current state (SWOT analysis) of the high education at school (weaknesses, dangers, possibilities and advantages);
  2. Lisbon Convention on recognizing qualifications / diplomas in high school education (11 April 1997)