The right to register for basic and master study programmes at the Faculty has the candidate who meets the conditions determined by the Law , by the High School’s Statute and by the Rulebook regulating registration of students for the first and second degree of studies.

Registration for basic academic studies
Any candidate with completed 4-year secondary school is entitled to register in the first year of the first degree studies. The sequence of candidates to register in the first year of studies is determined on the basis of general success during secondary schooling and the results made in the entry exam.

The right to register has the candidate who is ranked among the number of students as determined by the High School’s body and the number of students on the study programme as stated in the work licence.

A candidate can score maximum 100 points when registering for a study programme considering general success in secondary school as well as the result made in the entry exam. Entry exam is taken in the sciences studied in secondary schools.

General success of a candidate in the secondary school is calculated by adding up average marks in respect of all subjects in the first, second, third and fourth year, and multiplied by 2 (two). In the total sum the success made in former schooling is valued 40% of points, i.e. in the range of 16 - 40 points. The success in the entry exam is valued 60% of points, i.e. in the range of 0 - 60 points. Candidate must make 51% of points in the entry exam, i.e. minimum 30.6 points.

Candidate with the right to register, apart from the already submitted copies of documents, also submits:
• Birth certificate
• Certificates in respect of each year of completed 4-year secondary school
• Diploma certifying that final exam in the secondary school has been passed (verified copies, originals for inspection)
• Two photographs
• photocopy of ID card

Candidate with the right to register but who fails to do so within the given deadline, is no longer entitled to register.

Student who registers signs with the school Agreement on studies stating mutual rights and obligations of both parties as well as the school fee amount and method of payment.

Registration for master academic studies

Students with completed basic academic studies on the Faculty of  Business Economy and Entrepreneurship in Belgrade, with minimum 180 ESPB or with 180 ESPB achieved on one of the related high schools are entitled to apply to the registration contest for master academic studies.

Candidates with completed 4-year academic studies, with 240 ESPB are also entitled to register for the contest.

Students with completed basic vocational studies are not entitled to register directly on academic studies.
Candidates apply to the contest while submitting for inspection and handing following documents to Student service:
• Application form
• Photocopies of diplomas acquired in the previous levels of academic studies (originals for inspection only).
• Photocopies of diploma supplements or certificates proving exams passed and proof of average mark (originals for inspection only)
• proof of the payment made in respect of the contest application fee
• other evidence if needed.

Candidate takes entry exam in order to qualify for registering for a study programme. Candidate who completed basic studies at the Faculty of  Business Economy and Entrepreneurship is free from taking the entry exam. The candidate with completed basic studies at another faculty or High School takes the entry exam in Entrepreneurship and Management. If the candidate passed a related subject during the basic studies, he/she is free from taking entry exam, at the director’s decision.

To register for a study programme, rank order of candidates is determined. Following are criteria determining the sequence-rank order of candidates for registration:
1) average mark during the former studies multiplied by two, if the candidate completed basic studies at the High Business School for Economy and Entrepreneurship,
2) sum of average mark during the previous studies and mark in the entry exam, if the candidate completed basic studies in related study programme at other high school institutions, i.e. if the candidate took one subject at entry exam
3) sum of average mark during the previous studies and average mark in the entry exam, if the candidate completed basic studies in a non-related study programme, i.e. if the candidate took two subjects in the entry exam.

Candidate entitled to register must do so before expiry of two weeks from the day of expiry of the rank order.